Strengthening Companies Is the Cornerstone of the Private Equity Model

Private equity firms invest in promising companies poised for growth and struggling companies in need of repair. By making operational improvements and implementing strategic growth strategies, PE builds stronger companies that are better able to compete in the global marketplace – for the long-term.

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New Video Series on Private Equity Basics

Private Equity Minute is a six-part video series featuring Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business Professor Colin Blaydon. The series is a primer on the private equity model and how value is created for private equity-backed companies.

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Private Equity in Your State

Private equity plays an important role in states across the country. Whether it is a state’s public pension that achieves higher returns for fire fighters, teachers and others, or companies that are strengthened by an infusion of capital and management expertise, the benefits of private equity investment impact communities throughout the U.S. economy.

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CalPERS’ Cites Private Equity as Best Performer, Indispensable Part of Portfolio

CalPERS’ Chief Investment Officer Theodore Eliopoulos said on Monday that private equity is CalPERS’ best performing long-term asset class, offering proof in …

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New Analysis: Pension Investment in Private Equity Continues to Outperform All Other Asset Classes

A new study by the Private Equity Growth Capital Council reveals which public pension funds invested the most in private equity, as well as those that produced the highest rate of return on their private equity portfolios. View the infographic, interactive map and full report by clicking on the links.

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